Dear Twin Flames,

I was asked lately about the services that I currently offer for Twin Flames.

I offer Guidance Sessions of either 30min or one hour – with a suggested donation of respectively 40€ and 55€. They offer a safe space to share, acknowledge your experiences and the steps of your journey as well as receiving intuitive guidance and insights about the Twin Flame healing path in general.
Those sessions allow to focus on your own personal situation and be guided to move forward in it… as well as replacing things and events in the wider context of the Twin Flames relationships.
I also offer Readings. Those are based on your situation after you’ve shared part of it with me through email. They are directly sent to you in the form of a recording. The suggested price Readings is of 35€.
For both Sessions and Readings, I also pull cards which provide additional insights for this moment in your journey.
In order to book, please use the Contact form – or write me directly at
Much love and blessings on your path,