When you’ve found Love for those who Hurt you the most, those who left the most scars on your skin and disappointed to the deepest the light of your eyes, would they be a mate, your mother your father or any of your soul — you can feel the joy of knowing that the Heart has opened loads.

When in your heart, about them & in time, love has ended up winning over the memories of hurt, of struggles, misunderstandings and even worse.

When in their heart, an understanding of when you couldn’t understand before and the art of forgiving you, wins over what you said wrong in the past of your dark moons.

When in a connection the strength of love, the importance of sharing space, of giving, of not repeating what happened before when we were all triggered, perhaps too wounded or sad and when we couldn’t take a step back to understand another fully — ends up becoming bigger and much more important, relevant, than the images of what happened.

When Love and Forgiveness, ultimately win over the memories of where we failed and hurt each other — we can feel the joy of knowing that so much has healed, and changed, and grown.
The joy of feeling that hearts have opened like precious flowers, flowers who might have failed their art of colours without this delicate, painstaking work of love, forgiveness and time – flowers which needed years to bloom, that no one gave up on because they mattered to all.