You’re always here for a reason.
It’s always longer, less clear than you thought, for a reason.
It’s all working well every day, actually, also every time you wonder.
The hours know.

You’re always here for a reason.
Exactly where you are, right now, and this is right where you are meant to be.
It’s always longer than you thought, and more convoluted, and less clear, and there are detours and you always change your mind and spiral for a reason.

And they always come and go, come back and leave, for a reason.
And you’re exactly where you are meant to be.

And the wait is long, some days.
But the minutes know.
But you wonder if this is the right track.
You are on the right path because you always were, all those days, because there is only one path in a way and,
This road has been yours.

And those are your people, and those were your teachers, and those are your Soul and,
This story has been your path.

And this has been the way you travelled and right now again, you are travelling right.

And things change for a reason.
And life feels like a game, sometimes, it evolves and plays and learns until it knows.

You are here for a reason, and it is all unfolding or not unfolding for a reason.
And even you wondering if this is right track, is the right thing to do and all is well.

Yes it is often longer, and less clear than you thought.
And yes there were days when you thought it would be instant and fast, and that life would be a game for grown-ups, where all works well and simple and settles like it should be in a world of adults where people know where they are going to and, where boats moor and all that.
You couldn’t know about the game, and that life could push people that hard.

It is longer, and less clear, and seasons move this way or another and you can’t always know.

But trust the path, and the hours.
You should.
The speed of some days, the rainbows, and also the length of things and the wait, and the game of time and people and spaces we all play like guided dolls and,
Trust the unknown.

And life, and its spell, and the mystery of things and what takes time, and what you didn’t know and what you know now,
And the whole symphony of what has happened and was because,

This has been the way you travelled and right now again, you are travelling right.