There is a fine line to find as we navigate the Twin Flame Journey. 

Allowing feelings to surface, listening to them, letting them flow through the heart as well as releasing the heaviness matters and « should » be done as it allows the healing of the heart and the progression of the journey.

It allows the release of « negative » or « karmic » energetic layers and therefore should be allowed and embraced — so the deep healing of the heart that we can access through this Twin Soul journey, such a rare and potent catalyst, is not postponed or blocked.


However, we can do this without chasing, clinging or attaching.

We can allow the feelings to surface when needed without going to our counterpart from there.

We can allow what has to be listened to within to be heard, without transforming this into a potential « reunion », new expectations or fantaisies, or the landing of an immediate fairy tale relationship. 


I’ve found in time through experiences and by working with clients that this journey is not black and white, in the sense that « fully dismissing it / running away from the feels » AS WELL AS « living for it / attaching to it / closing our doors to the rest » both end up being temporary states or strategies rather than a stable and joyful ground to rely on as we navigate our journeys.

Sometimes an actual physical reconnection is needed to remind us of the current state of affairs. Who is available, who is not, what issues are ours, how tall the love feels, how disappointing things can be, how strong the bond seems to remain, and so on.

Sometimes it is a calling and strong guidance to write, meet up, reconnect and that is ok and necessary even to actually see more truths, and allow deeper feelings to come up and be processed and heal.


However, it is important to see that both things are possible — first, allowing all that’s coming up because of “it” to come up… WHILE on the other hand not blocking our lives, waiting, expecting, making choices for it, being on a standstill on our own individual paths, doing things with the deliberate intent to not lose them or to make it happen.

There is a fine line and important difference between « not running away from the feelings » & « attaching to an outcome or chasing ».

Sometimes, processing the feelings doesn’t even require to be with, connect to, talk to. It happens, will happen, with us focusing on it through our lives or not.

The journey keeps unfolding, anyway, 

Most importantly because the Journey is Within. 

The Twin Flame journey always keeps happening, evolving and shedding within ourselves.

This is not something we will forget about if we don’t organize our lives around it.

This is not something we have to deliberately work for with them, or in connection to them.

This is something we can work for and do our best for, with Ourselves only, within ourselves only & therefore also when living our lives, adventures, and moving forward our own individual journeys freely.

This relationship is not something we have to force ourselves to work for or commit to — it just happens and unfolds according to the inner work travelled and done by both parts. 


There is a difference between not running away from, and not chasing or forcing — and this is the Key we have been looking for.