Dear Twin Flames,
I’d like to share with you today a deeper explanation and insights about the Twin Souls Journey, and to see its process as Climbing Floors always Upward and toward one soul’s healing.
We will also read about what is a Love that we all Deserve.
As Twin Flames meet, reconnect, date, separate, date again, rekindle, and part ways over and over sometimes until it is Time — many layers are actually experienced, explored and lived through those moves.
We see it as a constant “push and pull” which is true and accurate — however the pull and push itself evolves in its nature as Twin Souls progress on their shared path and journey. 
A first layer that they experience and navigate together, is often time Karmic or even highly karmic — even if it seems that the bond is fully explored because at that time TF are normally actually dating, being together and exploring the Honey Moon phase, it can also be when all the karmic patterns and ways of relating are experienced.
Both individuals show their true selves (authenticity) but also their “worse” parts, if I may so through the bond. Anger, controlling energy, jealousy, neediness — all those behavioural traits that show an incompleteness, or that more is be to learned until a state of Wholeness.
It is a time and shared state when both choose to remain in the connection and therefore allow “unhealed” traits and behaviours to resurface, rather than separating. 
But as time goes, and even if it seems to be the opposite, Separation is actually healthy and showing the inner progression and healing of both.
One may choose themselves first and therefore stop “chasing” or needing, and be intuitively redirected to building themselves, joy and fulfilment first and on their own, as it won’t come from anyone else — even from the one who seems to be the greatest one, the Twin Soul.
The other one may fully see the truth of the situation and deciding to let go of the other part instead of playing a controlling game of maintaining a bond even when knowing that they can’t give or offer to the other what they want and deserve. Instead of trying to maintain a connection because it is beautiful, better than nothing, because that we could see later or because it is flattering — this part of the soul actually chooses to release it fully rather than control, keep or manipulate.
By releasing two opposites yet deeply connecting patterns and “wounded” ways of relating, Twin Souls separate AND actually climb floors, on their own, toward more growth and healing and until a new reconnection at a Higher Ground is possible. 
This is leading us to this initial idea I wanted to share with you.
Even if separation and nothingness is often times what happens on this journey, and it can “feel” or “seem” sad or unfair, it simply plays the purpose of allowing the growth that is needed.
Therefore, I’d encourage both parts to not allow anything they think and feel is not True Love from their counterpart, and part ways if necessary until it doesn’t feel “right”. 
I’d encourage both parts to not settle in the TF relationship)as long as what is happening between both feels unfulfilling and doesn’t correspond to the way they “want to be loved”.
I’ve seen that some Twin Souls, in order to preserve a bond when the other part is back in their physical reality, may “settle” in the form of relationship that the other part offers even if it doesn’t feel fulfilling and if it isn’t what they actually want. They think that this is better than nothing, and that we’d rather not lose such an important, deep and strong connection.
But settling for “less” than we think we should receive love-wise in this life shows a lack of respect, love and commitment to the Self. 
We are here to learn that Unconditional Love is actually two different things — yes it is understanding, forgiving, being compassionate, loving and respectful toward Another – yet it is also doing exactly the same for the Self… and in that sense drawing the right boundaries for self-love and self-alignement, while continuing to love no matter what.
We can love deeply, beautifully and strongly while not being with. Learning to draw the right boundaries with people is actually walking toward one’s own healing and wholeness… which is exactly what we are looking for and aiming at on this journey. 
From my experience, it is always best to release a given type of relating if it doesn’t feel right —  knowing that if that is what the Stars have decided, a new level will appear sooner or later when both parts have done the work. 
By releasing any ways of relating that are not “true love”, Twin Souls actually progress on their journey toward the destination, which is wholeness and healed behaviours in love.
The shared energy leaves a given floor, it is not stuck there… so it evolves to reconnect later from a higher ground. 
On the opposite, if the energy remains on a “wounded” floor, then it can’t evolve.
To reconnect from a Higher and Lighter perspective, less karmic and more healed, Twin Souls need to let go at every step, layer and floor as long as what is actually physically happening is not right.
The Twin Soul relationship has to be by the book in that sense — would you allow this or that behaviour from “anyone”? Sometimes not. We allow because it is “them”. We allow because we crave for that love and the depth of the connection, but allowing too much of what’s not right can’t allow a journey to progress and may create an illusion — the illusion for the other part that behaving in that manner is “right”… which is not healthy for them, neither it is for the other individual. 
What is a love that we all deserve? 
A love that sees us for Who we are. They acknowledge our Strength, don’t dismiss it but accept us in all our gifts and beauty, and energetically support us as we are. Nothing is too big, too beautiful. It is also a love that sees our Vulnerability. It doesn’t fix, or try to heal us but it accepts the way we are, the way we feel and what we need to do in order to release and heal.
This love also Gives & Receives in balance. This love doesn’t deplete.
This love isn’t controlling, doesn’t threaten or force. This love knows No Game of love, of seduction or of power struggles.
This love gives because it loves, knowing that they will receive but not deliberately in order to receive.
This love respects and sees without trying to change, fix or limit. This love wants your joy. This love seeks interdependence. This love wants to grow together, but two on different lanes.
Until this is not what we see, it is good to seek reconnection with the Self and what this reconnection leads us and guides us to.
Because, ultimately, what we crave for, is always the Self — giving it joy, alignment, fulfilment and the right becoming.