Dear Twin Flames,

As I was reflecting this morning I wanted to share this with you ❤

I remember how “energetic” I was when I actually met my Twin Flame.

I had just left for good and after months of reflection and action my “old life”. I had just left for an adventure toward my authentic self, free from the corporate world, the jobs and ways of making money that for me lacked meaning — and I was starting to explore the world to see what it meant to be Human, and to find purpose, elsewhere.

I felt Free, for the first time, from the boxes I was born into and from that type of success. I was truly faraway from home so I didn’t have anymore to even share energy with the people and situations that represented “Old layers of myself”.

I was starting to meet “my people” – the free spirited, the trouble makers and game changers. The artists too. I was also in a time of prosperity and abundance — in that sense I felt Safe, grounded, protected, anchored enough to explore more craziness in life, more rebellion, more folly… more fun and more Heights.

And this is when I met him. He too, was in a very beautiful time of his life.


For us, and for many of you I believe, our energy is magnetic when we are both in Truth (doing only what we like, what feels true and aligned – what “lightwork” means to us) & also grounded, anchored in the physical, with people that see us, friends to share joy with and a feeling of being safe and anchored abundance wise as well – no matter what the ways prosperity actually comes to us, and the level of prosperity that we are actually having.

For us and for many of you, I believe, High Energy within is found when we are both expressing the Authentic Self in our daily lives & when we are here, in this world, able to land our Heaven on Earth, present, embodied,

In other words when Truth doesn’t take us away from Life, and when the need to feel safe, abundant and “part of” doesn’t take us away from Authenticity, our True spirit and Magic itself, either.

It is in this very specific space that we find our best selves and our greatest energy.

Dear Twin Flames, therefore today and in this very powerful energy of April’s beginnings and the Full Moon aftermath, I am asking you…. what would you need to be in your best, highest energy? What are your own keys, those magical 3 or 4 things you need as an individual to feel light and joy within? What are your pillars, what grounds in freedom, purpose, happiness and golden energy? 

How could you find this feeling again… and on the other side of it your Highest Reflection as well?

Much love! ❤


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