Dear Twin Flames!
Sharing with you today a way of explaining what we may have felt in the past months through this Twin Flame Journey. Yes, we are all moving through and working on it… yet we have been walking different paths and made different decisions recently, as far as “remaining involved on the path” or “giving up” 😉 … or “being with another” or “committing to the most sacred one”.
We can connect with the TF energy and frequency – would it be in the physical or at a soul level – and most importantly BE with them when we are in the energy of very high / freedom / flow / truth / the authentic life / most importantly JOY, or what some call “5D”. This feeling, or way of living life, is actually our “goal” – if any. 
Both energies have to be stable and grounded there… In this space of truth and joy, and physical embodiment of the aligned life. However as it is the Feminine polarity which “manifests” the Masculine polarity’s response… when she grounds herself there and remains seated in “I’m in my own version of joy, free and personal power and an open heart that can gives and receives freely”….. magic happens and manifests, causing the response of the Masculine polarity.
Let me come back to the initial entrance of this article. We are presently witnessing different versions of the Twin Flame Journey – which is actually a way, a specific means of traveling the Ascension path.
However I would like to underline that it doesn’t really matter what Twin Flames do or don’t do in this specific given moment. The shape and form their journey back to the soul self is taking, today, happens to be in this given moment. What “matters” is that they keep following their own road of evolution and reaching their own “higher selves”. As the saying goes, “it doesn’t matter how the heart awakens – what matters is that it does.”
That road back to the soul self takes us to Two Main types of life experiences, often fast and burning on that path. What we are looking for is two things, that actually happen naturally and organically.
One, we want to release more of what’s not our authentic self — the activities, projects and things that are not our true selves — as well as the versions of love that are not “5D compatible”, pure, flowing, the ascended ones.
Secondly, we want to let progressively more JOY and ALIGNEMENT in. This again actually happens organically as more “darkness” leaves. But “darkness” doesn’t mean “dark” as we may always think, in a old way of seeing things as black and white, sacred or profane, good or bad — like sad, tortured or convoluted always. Sometimes “dark” simply means not aligned with how we are at heart –– things that we learned elsewhere and actually don’t bring fulfilment to the soul self.
The process is absolutely “magical”. Magical because happening on its own, without us thinking of it, and the less we think of it the faster it happens. As our hearts open through the Twin Flame journey and the initial “struggles” we go through with our counterparts, the higher heart also opens, leading us progressively to purpose and authenticity as for career, friendships, mission and personal power. All things are intertwined. And as we release more of what we don’t want, more joy comes in.
Both happening on their own — because we only have one core, which leads us and propels us forward would it be in love or in life in general… and because that core may only evolve in one only direction, and not backwards. 
We can see people taking different paths because, sometimes “to heal” and evolve on our own paths we have to release more and so we draw to us, which is actually good, situations or partners that will help us see more of our wounds and bring back to the light subconscious patterns. Sometimes, on the other hand, there is a pause, we are at a time where “evolving” means allowing more light in and learning with another kind of teachers. Our vessels are more cleansed and so we receive more beauty. Both processes are actually a dance, with only small voids in between phases.
As a consequence, on this path, we learn to differentiate those who came to us to acknowledge our growth, as a sign sent by Spirit to tell us “I see you, how far you’ve travelled, and this is now we you are able to receive. That beauty, that magic, that type of love, that energy” — & those that came to us to help us release more, see more, a deeper layer of something that we actually don’t want to bring forward on the journey, and back to our sacred counterpart when the time of reunion is there... and therefore that we have to “get rid off” beforehand.
We are reminded that all is sacred and divine on the path of transformation, that all path are deeply Personal, Individual but also Holly. 
What matters most is actually to keep EVOLVING, to keep traveling back to ourselves. 
What we seek is not a specific way or means for growth — but Growth itself.
Our “enemy”, if one, is stagnation — not this or that way of evolving in particular. 
We are reminded as well that experiences shape us. Life is our greatest teacher. We don’t shape life — life does this based on what we are here to learn and what we have signed up for.
The spiritual self is both the sacred warrior that can withstand fire and burn, and the magic creatress manifesting joy from a more healed space.
It is the one that  both commits to truth but respects their own boundaries, integrity and joy. It is the one that sees the intimate vessel as sacred, but also here to learn how to flow with others in deeper spaces of vulnerability. It is the one that remains, yet doesn’t wait. It is the one that holds space, and is there for – yet keeps living their lives according to their own expression of happy, healthy and free. It is the one which knows, yet surrenders to a higher wisdom of life’s events and synchronicities.
It is the one that is grounded but flexible, a full Tree — trunk but also branches & leaves.
It is the one which knows that the heart will always belong to One, at the deepest of the deepest core of it, to a specific land, to a very specific and magical playground — yet flows in this life following the rhythm that dancing with the Universe is whispering. 
It is the one that has understood that walking “for myself” is actually, in this very specific dance, walking for both and healing both parts. 
In that sense avoiding the new things that life sends us, the new soul contracts that seem to be there on our path for a specific reason… is not always the most appropriate respond, if I may say. Those are coming with a lesson that is unveiled in time — would it be, again, releasing more of what’s not meant to travel forward… or raising our vibration to a more beautiful and aligned version of love… and sometimes new soul contracts actually bring Both and help in both directions, less “dark” and more “light”.
We are reminded that full Surrender and Trust is actually the way, rather than analysing, and that nothing is random at this stage of our evolution process. 
But also, that each Twin Flame has their own path of evolution, that none is better than the other — would it involve other partners or not, a lot of time or just a couple years.
Of course the faster we evolve the faster magic happens… but we can’t always evolve fast, given other karmic contracts to clear or inabilities to move fast past deep, deep layers of the self that are actually there and happening always for a higher reason and wisdom.
This is, always though, what a given individual has signed up for — and in that sense all journeys are Sacred and deserve respect, reception and appreciation.