Dear Twin Flames,

I have a deeper understanding to share with you about the “Push & Pull” dance and dynamics between Twin Flames.

Reach out to work on your specific case through a Reading or Session, in order to understand more of the process & apply insights directly. We want to address those questions in a very tangible / practical way that serves you directly on your own specific physical journey unfolding right now.

*Why that dance is absolutely necessary for the coming closer of both parts & why it can actually accelerate it

*How to master its art and expression, feel out and check in within when we go “too far” or when we are on the “right track”

*Why “letting go” – and things that seem to be in the first place the “wrong directions” – can actually speed up your journey and lead you where you wanted to go, closer to your counterpart

*Why and how the lessons that your soul has come to master can be learned with them or with others – depending on the specific lesson, the level of proximity you are in and the actual availability of your counterpart

*How you can both speak your truth and express your heart – while remaining in your power – or the subtle art of coming closer in a very deep form of togetherness while not losing your self simultaneously