“Dear Sophie,
Today I want to tell you Thank You. Thanks to your opened  listening during our sessions, your perfectly knowing/experience of the twin flame journey, I have been able to look upon “the story” and understand with my heart what was going on on my own journey. I have been able to see the accomplishments as well as the triggering…
I therefore have been able to go, layers further, easier and supported.
I feel blessed that you gave me your hand on this journey to look upon as well as deeply…
I also feel part of a community, based on true Love.
Thank you also Sophie for all your free shares, it is really helpful that you put words on what we all go through.” ~ Deborah DS.

“It was really helpful and enlightening to speak to Sophie about the twin flame issues I am going through. She helped me understand that I am exactly where I’m meant to be in my twin flame journey, she gave me helpful and empathetic advice about how to move forward with my life and focus on my divine purpose and self-love, while still holding a loving space for my twin flame in my heart. I left my session with Sophie knowing for sure that all the signs I have been receiving are correct and that I have met my twin flame.

I also left my session with Sophie feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She made me realise that I am not alone in going through this difficult journey, and she gave me incredible advice that made me feel hope for my future. I would advise anyone confused and seeking assistance on their twin flame journey to go to Sophie. Please always go to someone who is on the twin flame journey themselves and who is committed to working specifically with twin flames. Sophie is an amazing twin flame mentor and advisor and a kind and loving human being.” ~ Katherine.

“Thanks to the guidance of Sophie I now stand my ground. I know I am not alone / crazy / weird. I know I can accept and even enjoy all my feelings and emotions… Like riding a wave. I know I have to (or am able to?) learn to know and appreciate myself in all my completeness. My life and love-life so far began to make a sense. Even my previous one I was not able to put up with… is OK now. I try to learn living my full potential on the whole scale, no matter who judges me. And I know the biggest Love comes from the Source, God, Creator… Let me thank you for the guidance.” ~Andrea.

“Each time I speak with Sophie I come away with a deeper understanding of myself and what I am going through. She has a way of articulating things so they seem less heavy. Not only does she leave me feeling lighter and empowered…I also learn so much from her insights. Her intuition is very powerful. I do not feel judged by her. I can speak freely. I am so very glad I contacted her months ago and have continued to speak with her. I urge all of you to contact her and see for yourself how amazing she is and how she can support you in whatever you need. I am so grateful for you and your work Sophie! Until next time… ❤️” ~ Kiffany.

“After several years of trauma in love, I have been following Sophie’s posts to help inspire my recovery. This week, I felt the need to have a one-on-one guidance session with her to address a specific issue I was having trouble overcoming. Sophie didn’t sugar coat her words or hide behind generalized star sign forecasts, but instead told me the home-truths I needed to hear to help get back on my path. After our conversation, I felt brave enough to do something I should have done a while ago and, within 48 hours of doing so, the universe sent me a sign I was back on my golden path. Thank you, lovely Sophie. ❤ ❤ ❤ — feeling inspired.” ~ Asha.

“I just want to say a biiig Thank you publicly to Sophie Grégoire for a great session we had yesterday! It’s been really healing and I felt so met and understood! And her words were just spot on! I recommend the private sessions with her with big confidence! I felt I wasn’t alone anymore, that I was finally understood in my woo-wooness lol. And I also received a ton of confirmation for what I’ve been sensing myself! Thank you! Lots of love, Sophie! ” ~Ruxandra.