The important soul connections, those who truly matter to the heart and soul – never truly leave the path, and they come back in our desires of togetherness sooner or later.

They leave for awhile, would it be days, months or years… so that we un-melt and un-intertwine our energies and paths, allowing us to evolve and grow freely and as we need to.

By doing so, everyone gives space to the other to travel their own journeys and find more of themselves, and as people evolve on their own line they reveal in themselves more ability for love and understanding of Another, as well as a deeper sense of I am within.

And so when they come together again it’s from a Higher Plane — a higher plane of knowing Myself & a higher plane of seeing and respecting You for who you are — a deeper ability of I love you, and I love I, both unconditionally. ❤