Why is “attachment” to the outcome and to how things should unfold, an issue in Twin Flame relationships?

Because when we are attached, our energetic level varies exactly as the situation we’re having expectations and attachments about plays out.

When we are too attached, if things go “wrong” or life shows up in a way we didn’t expect, our energy becomes low — and as Twin Souls relationships exactly unfold as a mirror of the energetic state they’re having, ‘me=low’ implies ‘us=low’.

That is why being able to reach Neutrality about how the situation goes and unfolds in the physical is of significant importance.

“Neutrality” is possible when one knows how to process their feelings within themselves – through journaling, meditation, nature, music, tears, cries or whatever ways and tools they may know about – and therefore come back to a state of high energy when life takes them to a shadow place within.

“Neutrality” can be attained when, instead of needing a month to recover from this or that hurtful event, a heart needs an hour or a day now — because it has learned the alchemist process of the darkness into the light. It has understood that the key is actually to allow their emotions, even if deep, raw and intense as they come and the energies to move through them until they’re released, rather than trying to silence the waves by blocking the feels.

« Neutrality” in a relationship doesn’t mean the absence of love — but simply the ability to stay “high” and joyful even if the Twin Flame relationship in the physical doesn’t play as we hoped and expected, and this ability to stay high no matter what is important and good because the relationship precisely unfolds as a mirror of the energetic state of both individuals.

If both can stay “high” in spite of the flames, the flames lessen.

What allows to stay in joy when the relationship gets too intense? I’ve seen from experience that it isn’t that much about having a good position, a lot of dollars or many people around, no. Those are not things bright enough to keep our hearts open, peaceful, serene, receptive and solid when the flames become too tall.

No, it is the connection to the Divine, and to our inner Sacred Self which allows to be ok, stable, trusting no matter what shadow part of our hearts the connection may mirror back at us.

It is by remembering who we are — a unique part of the web of everything, a little Divine spark there on purpose, a child of God gently coming back home, a star on the path to wholeness, a manifestor, a co-creator of their experiences able to influence and change the course of things by allowing and processing their emotions,

A man or a woman who knows that if they’re able to embrace, witness, hold space for, take care of, process, heal, transmute, whichever darkness the outside may bring

It is by remembering that life is and will be fine, always and eventually, because the Sun always comes back after an Alchemist night; it is by remembering, over and over, that this path of the Twin’s Individuation is only a game of healing, layer after a layer — that Twin Souls are able to be together in the physical and land their ethereal Divine bond on Earth.

See, when one knows about the Alchemist way, the Coming Closer of the Pair becomes ok, let’s see, safe, natural, flowing, unavoidable, happening.