Don’t block the feels, drop into your heart and allow yourself to feel.

If we can allow ourselves to feel, sit in our emotions even the uncomfortable ones, we actually transmute the energy and allow the healing.

It is normal to block the feels when what’s at stake is very important, matters so much to the heart.

Sometimes the more something matters, the less we feel able to face it and dive into the places within it takes us to.

The runner doesn’t run — they’re terrified to feel and to drop into their hearts.

If we block the feelings and choose the Masculine warrior mode of “I will survive”, “I don’t care” and deny it all – the hope, the love, the anger, the pain, the rest of resentment and etc., we actually feel better right now but block, postpone the healing of the soul.

Feel, feel.

That is the “right” direction, and if we can do that we reach, layer after layer… a place which is closer, so much closer to the core of both of our hearts and to the purity of the connection.