Lately Twin Flames and namely the Feminine side of the bond (most often Feminine energies are represented by women in the relationship, but not always) has healed, found strength and learned to love freely in the ethers their beloved Twin Flames.

We have learned to forgive, develop compassion and the caring, nurturing, healing energy of “maybe they love me too, maybe even they love me as much as I do but for some reason this isn’t working, they don’t want it and that’s fine and I still love them deeply for who they are even if I get “nothing”“ – that was a big step as We, or the most “attached” Twin Flame of the pair, or the “Chaser” ultimately saw that love is also to Respect other people’s choices and being able to say “I’ll be happy if you’re happy, even if this is somewhere else or with someone else”.

But there are more lessons to learn now for both sides of the pair… mostly because love in the ether, as an energetic bond, and in the physical are different things.

Read more below… Learn to Love without Need or expectation of restitution.