This is a very important message for Twin Flames – the Key is you, the Key always was You.

While you can’t fully and on a committed manner accept yourself, and allow yourself to become the truth of who you are — your Twin Soul which actually is your GREATEST MIRROR will mirror this to you, over and over.

You’ll put your energy on fixing the relationship itself. You’ll tell them things. You’ll try to fix this relationship by doing things that actually happen outside of yourself.

Or on some of your worse days, you’ll even blame them. Or, you’ll analyze their behaviour with you, or even in the world – thinking that it would all be different if THEY were different, thinking that if they could heal themselves, life would be great and you both would live a fairy tale.

You’ll even reach the conclusion that, they need to work more on themselves, to make your Love Story happen.

You see, by doing all these things — you’ll seek endlessly outside of yourself, the resolution of an issue that forever found its deepest roots WITHIN.

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