Sacred Partnerships : The Feminine is now asked to remain strong and stable and hold space for her Masculine counterpart.

“The Divine Feminine is becoming the Healer, the Higher Priestess, the Sacred Prostitute, the Temple of Light – for her man, to lay down his weapons, his soldier’s lies, his heaviness, his tears, his fears, the wounds of a million lives ~

For her man to lay down all the suffering, in Her – because there and only there he will find true peace,

For her man to come back, gently, one day and at his own pace – for her man, he will stop fighting so hard, so hard against himself and against what he always knew,

She is the sacred space, his Temple — and when the temple is built, steady, solid, grounded, soft, serene, peaceful, golden, strong, loving, unwavering, trusting, full of light and joy and candles : He shall – at last – return Home.”

Read more… Be his temple his stillness the way back home.