Dear Twin Flames, you’ll find below a new article. Explaining why this « relationship » isn’t an outside situation — but the external mirror of the energy that we hold within. Actually whenever you do something to find your joy, to get closer to your authentic self or to raise your vibration, you also automatically come closer to your Twin. Whatever work you may be doing to speed up Reunion, mechanically heals yourself as well.
This is the magic of the Twin Flame Journey. As within, so without.
Also, they’re no “lucky people”. People build their own luck.
Have you noticed that we receive blessings when we start to act precisely to find blessings? Have you noticed that miracles happen when we start to work to achieve our dreams? Have you noticed that magic happens when we start to act in order to make magic? Have you noticed that we meet our tribe when we really step out of the situations that weigh down on us and take leaps in the physical?
Read about: Why Taking Action; Why Going Deeper is Needed; You’re At The Driver’s Seat.

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