We’ve entered the Sagittarius vibrant and spiritual energy! December will be freedom, expansion, high aims – a journey to our biggest dreams. How do we deal with this call for freedom, while we would like at the same time that our love life unfolds in the physical?

This is where the magic of Twin Flames happens…. Twin’s couples go beyond paradoxes and make the dream come true : for them, freedom and a strong, long-lasting love aren’t opposite — but the two sides of the same coin.

Twin Souls don’t come together if they can’t move past the paradox that’s presented to us in the Western world  — which says that love is attachment, constraints and obligations. Which says that love is about choosing between the relationship and what we really want to do, which says that love only happens when we “compromise”.

Twin Flame’s relationships are also about commitment… but of another kind. Twin Flames are connected through a strong and unbreakable bond — which is one of the soul. The love that connects Twin Souls is one that is and remains, without conditions, agreements or limitations.

Twin Flame’s love is about feeling strongly for someone, without expectations and attachments. It’s about witnessing their growth hand in hand or from afar, it’s about being with and letting go, it’s about rising together as one — and setting free. 

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