These past few days may have felt like a Retrograde for some ! Memories of our past have come back up to our consciousness, but in a different way this time. Our hearts didn’t want to relive past hurts or dramas to feel – instead, our minds wanted to analyse and understand, as if we had missed some pieces of this puzzle of love.

We’ve understood that the journey has happened to reach a more balanced situation… both Feminine and Masculine counterparts have indeed learnt a lot this year. Independence, self-reliance and self-worth for the Feminine; a need for answering in a more reliable, respectful and committed way the needs of their counterparts for the Masculine.

Read more about: Why living the relationship itself is crucial to move forward; The pain felt between counterparts was actually linked to older and other events; Why 2016’s unfoldments have brought balance between the Feminine and Masculine parts of the pair; Why attachments to the past are now no longer needed. 

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