“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” William Shakespeare.

Learn to love without need or the expectation of restitution.

Lately Twin Flames and namely the Feminine side of the bond (most often Feminine energies are represented by women in the relationship, but not always) has healed, found strength and learned to love freely in the ethers their beloved Twin Flames.

We have learned to forgive, develop compassion and the caring, nurturing, healing energy of “maybe they love me too, maybe even they love me as much as I do but for some reason this isn’t working, they don’t want it and that’s fine and I still love them deeply for who they are even if I get “nothing”“ – that was a big step as We, or the most “attached” Twin Flame of the pair, or the “Chaser” ultimately saw that love is also to Respect other people’s choices and being able to say “I’ll be happy if you’re happy, even if this is somewhere else or with someone else”.

But there are more lessons to learn now for both sides of the pair… mostly because love in the ether, as an energetic bond, and in the physical are different things.

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Energy update – It’s all about You now.

It’s when you aren’t waiting anymore, at all, for Love to reveal something in you, to ignite something — that you’re ready for True Love.

That’s when you can find love within fully — feel that warm, soft, comforting yet strong energy of self-love — that you’re ready for Love.

It’s not that you’ve become “love” in the world or as an entity – but you’ve become love for Yourself.

Support, fixing, rescuer and saviour. Kindness and holding space. Acknowledgment, respect, nurturing. Joy, grounding, peace. Ideas, decision-making, discernment. The ability to journey. The ability to be and to do. The ability to feel better, go in the dark and heal.

When all is found Within.

When the “you’re good enough”, “yes you could become this and that”. The “yes of course you’ll find your way”, the “I’ll be there for you”, the “I’ll protect you”, the “I’ll be happy if you’re happy”.

The “I love you no matter what you wear, what you say or do”, the “I love you just the way you are”, “the I’ll support you and I’ll respect you no matter what you decide”, the “you’ll do great anyways”.

When all of those is found within.

That’s when love becomes only Love, that’s when love becomes only joy and fun.

When we don’t need love anymore, is when we are ready for True Love.

Travels, smiles, kisses, the sun, good food — just that if you see what I mean.

Just someone that chooses yourself and to be happy with you, just that simple.

No fixing, no fighting, nothing.

When all the blocks between oneself and self-love are removed — it’s time for true love.

True love comes when all the love that we need is found within.

And this is when the Flames themselves go away, dissipate. It’s not that hot, crazy, electric, tough, hard, conflicting, painful, complex, burning fire type of thing to love them anymore.

And it doesn’t matter anymore, even.

There is no lack anymore within, no. Because you’ve found yourself — and you’re Love.


You’re tested until your energies find balance.

Let me start the story from the beginning again.

So, you both met and it was wonderful. It was a while ago now. Years, centuries, you can’t even remember. It seems to be so far away in time — you’ve grown so much.

Your Twin Soul came your way like Princesses find their Prince Charming, or like exhausted wanderers find an oasis. Instantly, you knew. Could you remember? He was the most golden thing I had ever seen. His words instantly did a special BIP in my mind and I knew, it was Him.

So it was awesome and super cool. They revealed something in you and you were forever changed. They took you to places within yourself that you never thought of before. It was the Honeymoon, two Golden Heroes walking on the Moon.

And then bam they left. And the Honeymoon became the so-called “Runner and Chaser dance”.  It doesn’t matter who chased and who ran, you see. What matters is, YOUR ENERGIES, YOURS AND THEIRS AND THOSE OF THE COUPLE, NEEDED TO FIND BALANCE.

Three different types of balance, if you see what I mean.

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Feminine Twin Souls – Don’t wait, Rise

Woman, Sister,

There is still something in you that seems to be waiting for them – as if they should ignite the fire, reveal something again, reveal more.

But you see, they did their job already. They revealed what they could. Now it’s you. You and yourself alone.

You still wait for them to give you your own keys but this is over. Now it’s your job.


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More about my own story

Dear Twin Flames. I would like to share an important message tonight with you that directly comes from my own story. We all read things – theories most of the time about TF relationships – but I feel that our true experiences, the reality of what happens in real lives is what gives hope and shows the purpose of such relationships.

Our separation with my Twin Flame always was immensely purposeful. To cut a long story short, without him yes but also WITHOUT OUR SEPARATION – I wouldn’t have found myself.

I would like to explain why and how our separation gave me the holy space and opportunity to become myself.

More there: More about my own story. 


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Much love,


The Key Is You.

This is a very important message for Twin Flames – the Key is you, the Key always was You.

While you can’t fully and on a committed manner accept yourself, and allow yourself to become the truth of who you are — your Twin Soul which actually is your GREATEST MIRROR will mirror this to you, over and over.

You’ll put your energy on fixing the relationship itself. You’ll tell them things. You’ll try to fix this relationship by doing things that actually happen outside of yourself.

Or on some of your worse days, you’ll even blame them. Or, you’ll analyze their behaviour with you, or even in the world – thinking that it would all be different if THEY were different, thinking that if they could heal themselves, life would be great and you both would live a fairy tale.

You’ll even reach the conclusion that, they need to work more on themselves, to make your Love Story happen.

You see, by doing all these things — you’ll seek endlessly outside of yourself, the resolution of an issue that forever found its deepest roots WITHIN.

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