“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” William Shakespeare.


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 Dear community, it’s been years I had this in mind. Sharing in a sacred container with other women, all my wisdom & experience about love.I’m starting this September a high value & intimate woman mastermind, for the women who want to attract in their lives the committed and healthy relationship they have been dreaming of. 

I want us to be maximum 7 in order to keep the container intimate, supportive and vulnerable. Growth happens when we can fully be ourselves, share, fully express and fully be. 

If you are struggling to “attract” a true and healthy match for you. If you have a hard time deciphering what’s “acceptable” in a relationship, and what isn’t. If you need more practise and tools to master the art of “red flags”. If you want to release old hurts and shift relationship patterns. If you want to work on your attachment type. And more. 

If you want true inner work, which will be highly reflected in your external world. If you are ready for “the big love”. This is for you. 

Find all the info HERE . If ready, join via the link !

Why You? 
– You have been in several relationships, short or long. They haven’t “worked out”. Yet you still don’t fully see what this isn’t working for you. 
– You have gone on many dates but it never moves past the early stages – if you like him, he may go away or change “energy”, even disappear 
– The “good”, healthy, stable men seem “boring” to you or not interesting enough. They lack chemistry. You are constantly drawn to the “bad boys” only, yet a kind of them who can’t commit 
– You want true, committed, healthy love — a sacred container that’s aligned emotionally, physically, intellectually, on life projects… all of it! You are ready to do the work that the relationship will cause & to use love as an opportunity to work on yourself  
– You tend to never find the right “sacred masculine” polarity, but to over do your own masculine in relationships. You tend to embody the masculine with men, pursuing too hard, trying too hard, working too hard on it 
– You seem to miss red flags at early stages 
– It is hard for you to communicate your boundaries and needs to men. You are scared of losing them or “being too much” 
– You keep attracting men that are not a true and long-lasting match to you​
– You are tired of overthinking, if maybe you did something wrong – of thinking that you are always the one to blame
​- You may rush things, without truly taking your time, and perhaps going too fast into emotional vulnerabilty or sexual intimacy too soon, and later on, your regret not listening to your inner voice
​- You feel you have been attracting “unavailable” men a lot, different forms of unavailability, or that you are always outting in all the effort​

– You are now ready for a RESET, a big SHIFT. 

Find all info HERE !  

I’m so thrilled to share this significant journey with you. Find the content of the program in the link + what you may gretaly attain thanks to it!! 
So much Love, 
In gratitude

Starting Rainbow Pets, in support of our companion animals

On Tuesday January 25th, our golden retriever 13 years old friend Ducat, left this Eathly plane and crossed the Rainbow Bridge after several months of fight against a cancer disease.

I have been deeply saddened by his passing, which we were expecting in some way but conversely were not ready for. I have been also deeply humbled by the light and joyful spirit Ducat has kept alive in his eyes and behaviour until the very end of his life. His fight against disease has been led with real courage, bravery, and grace.

We did our best to give him the service we thought was the best for his funeral. We wanted this to bring as much attention, respect, rituals and I’d say spirit that we would have done for a human.

As a consequence, I have felt a calling to create something that will support families moving through the loss of an animal companion. This structure is now called Rainbow Pets.

Rainbow Pets will provide services free of charge to people and families moving through the loss of an animal companion. Services will include emotional healing of family members, financial support to help fund cremation, burial, and other expenses, as well as some framework and support for ceremonies and rituals. Special funding and ordering of funerary items (funerary urns, gravestones) will be possible through Rainbow Pets. The foundation will also help you find the funerary service that suits you for your beloved animal.

You can connect with Rainbow Pets by responding to this message, or by directly contacting Sophie here: sophie.rainbowpets@gmail.com. 

Please share about the foundation with friends, family, community, and anyone that may be interested in such support. I will be able to provide emotional support both locally in France and worldwide through Zoom, and financial/material support of course worldwide too. It is starting now, so please reach out.

Thank you!

I have also written an article in memory to our beloved Ducat. All profits, if any, made through the Elephant Journal ecosystem of “best articles”, will be given to Rainbow Pets. As a consequence, you can give it a read as a support to Rainbow Pets. Here is the article.

You can also donate via this link.

And most importantly, please share around you. Reach out. Let’s be together in this.

Much love,


Starting A New Writing Project – Are You Interested In Supporting It?

Dear Community & Friends,

I’m currently writing a new book, made of short stories. It is partly autobiographical (only partly!), relating major moments of my life and love stories. Most of it doesn’t take place in France but abroad.

It relates stories of daring & strong women. That follow their passion to change their own lives & possibly the world. It also includes MY OWN TWIN FLAME STORY.

To write this book, I would need your support for two reasons :

— I don’t have any passive income and will have to reduce my coaching sessions rhythm early 2022, in order to follow my dream. I will not stop working fully, but will have to decrease the pace in order to dive more completely into my writing activity & focus on the creation process – at least for the first part of the year (3 to 4 months)

— I want to travel again in order to add more sensory aspects to my writings and dive more fully into the atmosphere of the faraway places where the action is taking place — and be more inspired, again.

 This will greatly help my dream come true.

If you have loved my writings over time, and want to give a little bit of yourself into this big project, you can donate something — even little.

By creating this donation link, I’m trusting this book will be in part co-creation between myself and the Universe.

Myself and my past and future travels. Myself and the people that have mattered on the journey. Myself and all the Muses. Myself and all of you, who have supported my work big time over the years & have helped me believe in the power of my words.

I will be extremely grateful for your support. I think it’s ok to co-create with others.

I think it’s ok to show our life situations, struggles and wishes as they are, and that is OK to stop letting the biggest dreams dormant somewhere in our heart.

So the funds will be used to finance myself as I write, and to travel shortly as mentioned above.

It’s a big step for me to send this, knowing it’s the REAL start of a new writing journey.

Knowing I have some support for the early months of 2022 will help me continue with less worry, in a more serene way.

If you want to contribute, please go Here! 

Thank you for reading this in the first place, Thank you for your presence over the years, and a BIG thank you too to those who will support my dream

Love to all



Some have asked about donating in $ instead of € so Godundme says they don’t have conversion fees so if you want to donate in $ or £ for instance, you can check on a currency conversion link like this one – https://www.xe.com/fr/currencyconverter/ – what the amount you wish to donate would be in Euros, and then choose that amount for your donation on Gofundme

That should work! If not, Paypal is ok too. In that case, please go Here. 


JOIN A SACRED COMMUNITY – Starting September 1st

Join an online community of like-minded souls

Catalyze your own journey by finding a energetic space that vibrates with you

Learn more & heal deeper through sharing the real you

Hi friends,

I will be starting on September 1st Wednesday an online community :

Sacred Travellers Connect.

I have in fact felt deeply and noticed we as light bearers & creators of the *new* need spaces where we can share ourselves freely and support each other.

As we evolve and grow, we “lose” connections. Some used to feel aligned but aren’t any longer. Some used to get it, to be on a similar path – but things have changed and we now find ourselves on a different wavelength.

The awakening journey creates new desires within us when it comes to connection. We crave real conversations, real stories – that we actually feel or went through – not “small talk”.

We want to be seen for who we are – not only have a “social life”.

We crave for more. We crave for deeper.

We are stronger when surrounded with souls that “get it”.

We are stronger to build a new world & follow our spirit when relating with others that are walking the same sacred journey.

We are always stronger when feeling seen & supported for who we are, and who we are becoming.

“Members of your tribe are fellow travelers. The tribe exists to further every member’s journey and well-being.” – Scott Perry

This space will be a space of connection & support – which is highly needed as we navigate our journeys and seek souls of a similar spirit and vibration.

We may feel that we are alone at times through our individual journeys and own initiations – but so many of us actually go through similar experiences and energies even if the exact circumstances may vary.

The key words are : authenticity, support, connection, love and evolution – on individual and collective level!

We will connect every two weeks (calls of 1.30h) :

  • I will share brief energetic updates & advice linked to it
  • I will share some light teachings about a specific topic (healing our relationships, mastering grounding, using writing as a therapeutic tool, developing our intuitive gifts…)
  • BUT most importantly this will be a space for connection, mutual support & healing through the very powerful energy of being with like-minded souls.

Calls will take place every two weeks. on Wednesdays 6pm CET // 12am EST // 9am PST — BUT times may be adjusted based on participants time zones.

And also have a Private Group to express ourselves in in-between calls.

I can’t wait to start this with you all. Some have already joined — and I think this is only a start!

To read more go Here.

Fee: 33€ monthly membership.
Minimal enrolment: 3 months.

This space is for you if :

You want to connect with like-minded souls in a regular fashion from a space of authenticity

Your world has evolved and you are seeking connection based on how you have become

You want to empower a group & feel empowered by it

You seek a tribe, community spirit that may not be directly accessible around you

You know healing & transformation are sped up by energetically aligning and belonging to spaces of the *right* vibration

You seek sisterhood/brotherhood, and belonging to a community

If you hear the calling & feel ready to join, go to that link or respond directly to this message. You will be directly added to the private group.

Much love




I have already received messages from some of you – I’m so grateful you’ll be attending the transmission!

The easiest way to join the energetic transmission is to click here & enter this facebook group where I’m gathering all participants! >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/413155630084547/

Much love xxx




Hi friends, I’m always so deeply inspired & empowered by the Lion’s Gate energy — and this year I will be offering a Live Energetic TRANSMISSION on that date 🌟

The idea is to gather people from all over the world & anchor this potent, large and golden energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal 💫To join please send a private message or comment below ❤

The event is FREE

We will connect for 30/45 min & I’ll share a special meditation as well as open ourselves to receive the downloads and light codes of that special date ✨

The power of the gathering will of course be as strong as we are many — so if you feel the calling please join! and let’s be as many as we can to anchor the magic 💫

Much love ! 😘🦁


A Fast-Paced Full Moon On Approach

Hi friends! We are approaching the Full Moon that will take place on January 28th/29th.💫🎆This is not the easiest one! It is inner patterns, limiting beliefs and ways that we see ourselves that we are releasing. Much can change or manifest externally — but this time we are especially being asked to cleanse our inner landscape so that old behaviour don’t affect us that much now, don’t carry weight. ❤️Change starts from within. Your rebirth is fully allowed as you allow another layer of your old self to be shed.

I’m offering the 4 following specials for this Full Moon!💫🎇

✨Soul Blueprint Astro Natal Reading: Discover the astrological blueprint of your birth. This is a powerful reading that taps into your main placement and aspects, and key traits of your birth chart that most astrologers wouldn’t dive into. I study the Symbolistic aspects of your self by using many Sabian & Chandra symbolisms through the study to connect to your essence in a different way, more poetic and profound. Your Karmic storyline is majorly discussed with your Lunar Nodes, showing what you came here to transmute, release and reopen compared to past incarnations/DNA. This is a magical dive into your authentic self! The Reading is sent via email (recording, links to trusted sources, picture of your chart), or done via a one hour Zoom call.Price: 99€

✨AstroNumerology Reading: This Reading is all the above (Soul Blueprint Astro Natal Reading) COUPLED with the study of your Numerology Natal Chart. I dive into your main key numbers: Life Path number, Destiny number, Soul Urge number, Maturity number, Personality number… and tap into your soul identity, strengths and gifts from a numerology perspective. Through this study, we discover how you attain your highest potential within but also in the world.The Reading is sent via email (recording, links to trusted sources, picture of your chart), or done via a 1h30 Zoom call.Price: 122€

✨Your Year in 12 Cards:This Reading is a set of 12 Tarot cards, one for each month of your 2021 Year. It comes via email with a picture of all cards and a recording detailing their meanings for you. This is a beautiful energetic & divinatory roadmap for this new cycle!Price: 47€

✨Your Numerology Year & the Vibration of Each Month: This Reading is a detailed forecast of your year based on the specific vibration of each month. Will your March vibrate as a 3 or a 9? What can happen specifically in a 8 month? Discover the numerology map of your 2021 & tap into the energies that will rule each of your months to come! Price: 51€

🎇💖To book your reading, send me a message directly here or go to the calendly link below. If you go through calendly, you’ll see that these services above start with “SPECIAL”. ❤️>> calendly.com/sophie-gregoire

Much Love!

Sophie xxx

The Divine Consort.

The divine relationship starts with sparks of soul, cosmic recognition. Something draws your attention, seems to call you up. It has this feeling of both highly intuitive, almost mystical – and so familiar, so much like Home.

The sparks of love and a kind of mysterious attraction develops in a deeper recognition. Souls share the same dreams and ways and, much more feels like “known”. Most likely yes: they Knew each other Before.

The tale continues, both facing their own woundings, desires, needs and inner desesperations.

Sometimes, the cosmic tale even stops. This is when the wounding was bigger than the Truth, when the inner blockages started to control one’s behaviour more than the Heart could.

He can be scared of her power. He can see in her radiance, of the Pallas Warrior Queen — those things that he hasn’t done himself or been up to.

He can lose his ground in front of her waves. He may be too much impressed by her flowing waters, by her emotions, by the intuitive, Oracle way that she sees life.

He may have never seen before a Woman of softeness & fire — a Divine mother at the same time Truth-Sayer, Weak-Defender.

She may become disoriented in front of his unwavering, strong, anchored stillness. In front of his ability to decide, lead without going back, select choices fast and steady in times of adversity.

She may be lost when discovering his Truth. She may take time to get that, under so much Hero’s images of God that he looks like — there is a pure, full of hopes and dreams, sometimes hurt, sometimes stressed out by the burden and pressure of what it is to be a Man, Heart.

But in time, sooner or later. They get to see clearly in each other.

He understands that she never had any other way, in the past, but being fierce, real, raw, fully honest and self-protective — the Queen of Swords — if she wanted to intimate respect, especially from masculine principles.

She sees that he could never be fully himself, before, that they never truly respected his own softness, sensitivity, needs and heart. They expected him to be a movie King figure. They expected him to be the doer who completes with calmness and grace all of the tasks. They couldn’t see that he was tired, exhausted — in search for a home, in search for a shelter, in search for a woman who would love Him for good and for All — not only his Diamond sides.

In finding each other, and actually working together through the different phases and steps of what it means to be fully seen, accepted, recognized and loved — both are being reborn, majorely and irremediably altered in a positive way — like Diamonds unearthed and revealed to the Light.



Twin Souls share a very similar essence, energy & higher calling — even if it may show up in different forms in the physical reality or the current choices that both are making.

Twin Flame Soul Reports study both natal charts & their interferences, intersections and soul similarities to answer the following:

What are the marks of a past life, and soul deep connection between both in the charts?What are the key traits of your shared Twin Flame energy that we can learn from your charts?What is the calling & destiny of your unique couple soul’s blueprint? Which type of lineage & soul group are you likely to be originated from?

Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars placements, as well as the Lunar Nodes, Lilith, Asteroids & Sacred Geometry Composite symbolisms will be primarily studied.

Contact me via Message here to arrange your Twin Soul Astro Report. Two formats available: 1h20 Zoom video call or 1h recording directly sent to your inbox.

Twin Flame Couples Astro Reports

Twin Souls share a very similar essence, energy & higher calling — even if it may show up in different forms in the physical reality or the current choices that both are making.

Twin Flame Soul Reports study both natal charts & their interferences, intersections and soul similarities to answer the following: 

* What are the marks of a past life, and soul deep connection between both in the charts?

* What are the key traits of your shared Twin Flame energy that we can learn from your charts?

* What is the calling & destiny of your unique couple soul’s blueprint? 

* Which type of lineage & soul group are you likely to be originated from?

Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars placements, as well as the Lunar Nodes, Lilith, Asteroids & Sacred Geometry Composite symbolisms will be primarily studied. 

Contact me via the Contact page to arrange your Twin Soul Astro Report. Two formats available: 1h20 Zoom video call or 1h recording directly sent to your inbox. 

Much love, ❤ 


On Codependency vs Healthy Romantic Love.

Hi friends,

Please find below my latest writing about codependency vs more mature, healed and healthy ways of romantic love:

7 Signs You are in a Codependent Relationship.

The partnership that I’m currently in is asking of me to release remnants of such ways that I still have—especially when facing triggers.

What makes a relationship codependent is the prominence of the traits stated below compared to the healthier aspects of a romantic connection. If you have felt yourself doing one of these in the past rather regularly, you may simply have further inner work to do.

Here is what I have learned about how to identify traits of codependency and how to heal such dynamics within our relationship:

1. Time spent apart is lived as a threat.

In a codependent relationship, fear may arise when one takes space out of the partnership unit. Time spent with families and friends can be lived negatively for one or both.

As the relationship progresses, one may start to disallow their lover to do things without them. It develops slowly and insidiously, but once the relationship is settled, its container starts to feel like a trap because every attempt to be away from the couple or with others is received negatively. This can also lead one or both to hide part of their activities, to avoid the drama that may follow the announcement of time about to be spent away.

This pattern obviously finds its roots in a lack of trust—one fears the love isn’t strong enough to endure separation or the presence of others. They don’t trust the solidity of the connection, they think it must be controlled or managed to work. As a consequence, when away from one another, partners may have to over-function to not feel the void.

2. We feel that we are losing our sense of self.

We are scared of sharing our dreams, visions, or goals when they don’t correspond to what our partner wants or their own image of us. We hide parts of our passions because we feel we may be less loved if we were to share fully who we are.

We are trying to be the man or the woman of our partner’s dreams. It becomes more important for us to keep the connection than to develop and mature ourselves. We are scared we could lose them if we were to fully embrace our own journey. What if one of our goals doesn’t fit the relationship framework as defined so far? We may even feel like changing ourselves to fit into our partner’s expectations and images of us. We may also see ourselves asking for approval and losing self-agency.

For the two reasons stated above, we may not be feeling anymore that we have our own, independent life as an individual.

3. Feelings, wants, or needs are not fully spoken out to avoid rocking the boat.

When there is a disagreement, we say what we think is going to be accepted by our partner. We avoid expressing fully what feels wrong or what we need because we are scared our partner could break up with us if we were asking too much.


To read the full post, please go here! 

As always, feel free to comment or react directly on the post or via message. ❤