“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” William Shakespeare.

She is the Moon – Excerpt

This excerpt of “She is the Moon” will give you a glimpse of its content, but an important one, as most of its writings and inspirations came from the Journey back to the Self, which also, for me, was a journey of love, of deep soul connection of the Twin Flame kind, and of breaking free 

“I remember the energy of demolition and loss that I felt on that day when I left what I used to call home, knowing that a chapter was closed and that I’d never come back.

Sometimes we do things and even if we are completely immersed in the action of it, we can feel their power. Their depth. The impact they will have, draw to the future like a thick, undeletable thread.

I knew I was leaving a life behind me, not more but not less. I remember packing fast, disorganized, taking all my things, closing all the cupboards, the doors, the possibilities.

Metaphorically I think I destroyed the furniture, burned the house and so I took the road with everything I kept and all the memories, and drove.

I didn’t know where I was going and that is why precisely why it was so strange. Freeing, mad, energetic. Unreasonable, blind, limitless. So I just drove. Liberated and destroyed, solidly anchored in the air, in the nothingness.

Sometimes I would look behind in the wing mirror. Was it to check the impossibility of turning back? I would look back and see that yes, the house had indeed all burned and nothing was left there, and so there was no way back. No way back at all.

I just needed to go now. Drive a little more in that unknown I had built. I had left home without knowing where I was going and I was there driving in a no man’s land of unknown people, it was raining all around, and nobody was there to say hey on the road, and the car was full of things I didn’t even care of and I didn’t know where I was going, but forward was the only place to go.”

She is the Moon can be found here :  FInd She is the Moon!


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SHE IS THE MOON is released!

Dear friends, so grateful to share with you that my book SHE IS THE MOON has now been released!

It has been written over the years, as I was travelling in the world & back to myself. Part of the writings & poems that are included within She is the Moon were inspired by the Twin Flame’s experience and journey that I myself went through.

I hope you will enjoy it! 

Here is the link to find more >> https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732577285

And it is a promise from the ancient times, that those spiritual warrior ones will find their mirror and match in another when the Sky says—it is Time.
And it is a promise from the original sacredness that One that has explored those same struggles and mystical prayers of finding the self, of rising in what is Truth, of deconstructing the lines and barriers of the mould to create a self-made journey of dirty hands and faith, of battlefields and freedom, a road of darkness to Kingdoms, One who also bears the name of Alchemy—will be there and ready and found, according to what was already written,
When the sky says— it is Time.

The Highest Calling

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. Her lowest calling is to seduce, separating man from his soul and leave him aimlessly wandering. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed. Man’s lowest calling is to ambush and force his way into the life of a woman.”

~ Cherokee proverb.

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